Here are a selection of questions that are regularly put to Rinse.

Q1 How much does it cost?
A1 A specific quote can only be given after hearing the sample to be re-created.This is because the requirements for each sample replay vary. The quote depends upon the number of musicians/vocalists required, additional equipment hire and extra production time/costs needed to reproduce the sample.
Q2 What do I need to provide?
A2 You need to provide rinse with:

1) The sample in its original form, i.e from the original recording at original tempo and pitch.

2) The new track in which the sample appears.

3) The full original recording from which the sample is taken.
Q3 What about upfront costs?
A3 Usually a non refundable deposit of between 25-50% of the full fee is required upfront depending upon the number of musicians/vocalists and additional equipment costs required.
Q4 How long does it take?
A4 Each sample is different, some more complex than others, this will be reflected in the quote as described above. Some samples could take as little as a day to recreate and others could take a couple of weeks.The availability of musicians and singers can also effect the turnaround time. Remember that Rinse will stick to the original quote even if the sample takes longer than envisaged.
Q5 What about publishing issues?
A5 Since publishing rights remain unaffected whether the original recording or recreated sample is used, it is wise to have publishing clearance in place before proceeding with the recreation. Remember recreating a sample only effects mechanical copyright issues (and NOT publishing issues).

The publishing for a recording is usually owned by a different company than that of the mechanical copyright, although this is not always the case. You will have to contact the company that hold the publishing rights to arrange a suitable deal on publishing splits between you and the original writer of the sample.
Q6 How close will the recreation be to the original?
A6 The replays are all very close emulations of the original recording down to the finest of details.The musical arrangements and instrumentation are identical to the original, and the individual traits of each sample are emulated,through programming and engineering techniques.

There is always a slight difference between the replay and the original , but this is infinitesimal and does not detract from the original 'vibe'.
Q7 Is it possible to have complete re-records of tracks?
A7 Yes this is possible but this will be reflected in the price due to the additional time and costs involved.
Q8 Can I have specific breakdowns of the sample so I can use them creatively in my track?
A8 Yes.For example it's possible to have just drums, just rhythm section or any combination of instruments of your choice

On completion all individual parts are provided as if you had the 24/48 Track master.Howver specific breakdowns need to be requested at the time of, or prior to mastering, since trying to construct breakdowns from the separates,yourself, causes a layering of effects which detracts from the orignal sound quality.

If your question has not been answered here please feel free to E-mail us with a more direct query.